School FORBIDS Flying Patriotic Symbolic American Flags On Day Of Remembrance, Walks It Back Later

An Ohio school came under criticism recently for refusing to allow the high school football team to fly thin blue line and thin red line American flags to commemorate Patriot’s Day. The school later recanted their decision to suspend the students. Tim and Ian discuss who patriotism looked like in 2001 and what it looks like now.

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443 Replies to “School FORBIDS Flying Patriotic Symbolic American Flags On Day Of Remembrance, Walks It Back Later”

  1. The Fresh Peddler - Beats For People Who Hate Radio

    Guess this guy never heard of Operation Mockingbird. It was always propaganda, its just more blatant now.

  2. Brittania

    God! That dumb long haired hippy thinks Elon Musk would make a better President than Trump? Being President is more than Listening and pandering to liberals. Musk is a Globalist! Shows why USA is messed up because people like that hippy moron think Musk is great, probably because he has “invented” an Electric car, which is not 100% carbon neutral because electricity is made from other fuels! Also Tesla has had massive tax payer government bailouts! Musk is a fraud, like all those Silicon Valley Globalist Chicom loving Traitors!

  3. cyndi afflerbach

    Back (way back) in my high school days they got suspended for being drunk on the field. Now? Whatever. This is getting stupid.

  4. Brittania

    Defund the Police mantra is not about the fact “we live in a morally safe society” or are advanced enough to take care of ourselves. It is about dismantling the law and order system so then if these communists (BLM/ANTIFA, Globalists and DemRats) win, they can introduce their type of enforcement authoritarian officers, who will be brutal. They want to make it a communist police state similar to China.

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