Republicans Have Been SHOCKINGLY Ineffectual, They Have Done NOTHING With Big Tech

Tim and Lydia host guest and fellow YouTube Commentator Jeremy from The Quartering ( @TheQuartering on YouTube, Twitter) and get into what makes Republicans so unhelpful.

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774 Replies to “Republicans Have Been SHOCKINGLY Ineffectual, They Have Done NOTHING With Big Tech”

  1. Marvin G.

    Here is one thing I would like you to see and do. Because this really proves how the MSM and the big tech companies like Facebook are biased and bought by the left. Remember that shit Michael Rapaport posted on his Twitter a couple of days ago? Where he called Trump a pig and whatever else? On his Facebook page he constantly does the same thing. Insults people, wishes them dead and even more horrible stuff. I reported a lot of it for “Hate Speech”. Even his page itself. Facebook then sent me a message on everyone of his posts and his channel that they didn’t find anything hateful. I then clicked on the button for them to check again. And I got a message that an “expert”, whatever that means, looked over it and that he verified it wasn’t “Hate Speech”.
    Seriously? I’m sorry, but this is clearly not good. So, go to his Facebook page and also report him and his posts. Let Facebook really feel it. What they, Twitter, the MSM etc. do is dangerous.

  2. MrPhysics

    Term arguments are a terrible idea. It will limit good ppls effect. Just have a fucking age limit. Theres a minimum age limit to the presidency. There should be a max age limit in politics as well.

  3. Young Lion's Perspective

    Turd Flinging Monkey said this many moons ago and I have implemented this as well: DEMOCRATS ARE COWARDS AND REPUBLICANS ARE PUSSIES.

    Democrats are scared little punks who, when they have power, will do everything to destroy the nation. Most Republicans are pussies who aren’t willing to get in the trenches and fight fire with fire against the Democrats.

    We as a nation need to destroy the old guard establishment politicians who have spent their entire lives fucking over the United States and not doing a damn thing to make this country better. We need a new guard who want to make this country better, who want to see innovation, who want Americans to be independent and self-sufficient and be able to make a way for themselves.

    Why do you think Congress is at its lowest approval rating in history? Because they simply kick the can down the road and don’t do a damn thing to make this country truly great.

  4. Christoph

    Tim hasnt got my vote anymore. He can mutter all he likes but things need to change. We dont need to think twice about all this information regarding the election. Its about his channel not forward solutions in my view. All the best everyone

  5. JackBond1234

    I think the problem is that Republicans are too big a tent now. Democrats have sacrificed winning for ideological purity, so if they win, they will make big changes. Republicans have sacrificed ideological purity for winning, so when we win, we aren’t going to agree on enough to make serious change.

  6. Robert Gray

    It’s very frustrating that people haven’t figured out that this isn’t a Republican vs Democrat situation. It’s an American people vs career politicians situation. The little letters by their names are nothing but a division tactic.

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