Renters Protest LA’s Mayor’s Home In Their Cars!

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207 Replies to “Renters Protest LA’s Mayor’s Home In Their Cars!”

  1. Lee Kimberlin

    This is a good example why government and media is a failure this is getting to be bullshit people can’t keep living like this this whole scamdemic is a farce.

  2. Alan Caron

    My wife & brother in law inherited a house that hasn’t been occupied in over a year due to death in the family and maintenance. Property tax is $8000/year.

    Most jobs these days have no retirement. Some people buy and fix up rentals for the day when they can’t work. Looks like landlords could lose everything too.

  3. Wakey Wakey

    I’m sure our leaders have a plan. Soylent Green is People. Just wait till the Giant aliens show up. Fee to for thumb. It was a beautiful dream, thinking we were at the top of the food chain & our CONTROLLERS were supposed TO SERVE MAN. Santa Clarita Diet anyone? Disgusting !!

  4. Richard Avery

    If nobody pays rent & all the landlords file bankruptcy the banks then get those properties. They can’t keep them on their balance sheets so they’ll sell them for pennies on the dollar to those that have liquid capital. The only people with liquid capital are the 1% so now they’ll own even more of the country. Why are you actually advocating for a further transfer of physical assets into the hands of the 1%?!? WTF?!? Pay what you can, ESPECIALLY if it’s a private person you know. Don’t let anymore physical assets wind up in the hands of the 1%, dumbasses!!!

  5. Mai Yenish

    2:30 3) Everybody wants most of the homeless to catch Wuhan Virus? Homeless are like elbow to elbow.
    SanFrancisco vs NYC
    San Francisco moved their homeless, NYC let the homeless catch the virus.
    How are the two cities managing the CCP Virus cases?

  6. Rex Stout

    Landlords are an entirely unproductive section of the economy. The FIRE sector in general generates no new wealth for the economy. Its a spiv at worst and simple utility at best. This is basic economics.

  7. Luigi Joseph

    Jimmy if you don’t pay rent or mortgages were do you think taxes come .not the workers no one is working god your thick

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