Rand Paul Says The Election Was STOLEN, There Are STILL Questions

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and Luke host friend and fellow YouTuber Jack Murphy to discuss Rand Paul’s most recent objections to the election.

Guest: Jack Murphy @Jack Murphy Live, liminal-order.com

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1,167 Replies to “Rand Paul Says The Election Was STOLEN, There Are STILL Questions”

  1. ocarinaplaya

    It’s definitely one of the more frustrating things that officials overtly refuse to put the uneasyness to rest by making sure everything was done correctly and doing so in a hyper-transparent manner. It’s already a bad sign that there are videos of polling stations being covered up and poll watchers being prevented from doing their job. A disturbing lack of transparency in an election where voter fraud was the top of the list of worries for the election and those damning videos don’t ring any alarm bells? I call shenanigans.

    If the wannabe elites in congress don’t want to be lined up for the gallows they need to start showing their hands and doing what they were voted to do in the best interest of the nation and not just themselves.

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