Psychologist Offers Advice For How To Date As A Millennial Man And What To Look For In A Partner

Dr. Shawn Smith details some of the ideas expressed in his book, The Tactical Guide To Women, and encourages the modern idea that men are- or ought to be – better and more attractive when they are weak, or “nice”.

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1,646 Replies to “Psychologist Offers Advice For How To Date As A Millennial Man And What To Look For In A Partner”

  1. Admin Admin

    Seems like the host is trying to persuade his guest how masculine badass and how he does what he want when he wants. Its doesnt sound authentic.

  2. The Golden Flow

    I was brought up on the idea of don’t close any doors because you’ll never know when you need them. I was also under the impression that being disliked was closing a door. And being rude by doing what you want is causing people to dislike you. Therefore, I believed that doing what I want led to less opportunities because I would need to be assertive giving me the feeling of being rude, and in turn, closing doors

  3. tristan flodin

    It’s not enough to not be a nice guy. You have to be an assertive guy. But its really hard to learn assertiveness when you’ve been shat on many many times for being assertive

  4. gamer Guy

    This man is 30 years old relaying his account of playing a video game as a contemporary conversation piece to a professional psychologist. Get your finger out of your butthole timmy

  5. gamer Guy

    Also im not sure if we should be taking advice from someone who just left 9th grade lol. I dont get why this 30 year old man keeps talking about his good ol days of being homeless and riding a skateboard everywhere. I also really doubt tim was ultra confident at that time just from how much he is pushing the idea

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