Proud Boys STEAL And Burn Flag, They Are Beginning To Imitate Antifa And It’s Not Good


Tim, Ian, Lydia, and Luke host friend and fellow YouTuber Jack Murphy to discuss post-election goings-on in Washington, DC and the ways in which Proud Boys appear to be emulating Antifa.

Guest: Jack Murphy @Jack Murphy Live,

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1,070 Replies to “Proud Boys STEAL And Burn Flag, They Are Beginning To Imitate Antifa And It’s Not Good”

  1. OneLoneMan

    Serpico complained about and later testified against the widespread corruption in the New York Police Department, recoiling at things like casual bribes. He was given undesirable assignments (like the narcotics division; he dreamed of the gold badge of detective). For his honesty Serpico was treated as a rat by his fellow officers; in 1971, he was shot in the face and nearly killed during a drug bust many, including Serpico, believe was a set-up.

    You don’t know the first thing about being a police officer or what it takes day to day to do the job the best you can honestly and with honor. So until you actually have an honest conversation with a good cop which there are just over six hundred thousand to pick from, put up or shut up.

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