President Obama Joked The Aliens WON’T LET Certain Things Happen, They Have CONTROL Over Us

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host friend and fellow YouTuber Luke Rudkowski (@WeAreChange ) talk about what Obama meant when he said that the aliens actually control us.

Guest: Luke Rudkowski (@WeAreChange on YouTube, @LukeWeAreChange on Twitter)

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799 Replies to “President Obama Joked The Aliens WON’T LET Certain Things Happen, They Have CONTROL Over Us”

  1. Justin Smith

    You’re wrong about the gravity….that’s some stupid theory from Flat Earth Society…shills…lol. Real flat earthers think it’s just buoyancy, like in water.

  2. Controversial Chris

    I’m sure dogs can understand their native language, I mean you don’t have a dog in France sat thinking wtf is this cheese eater even saying. No its sat there being just as pretentious and snooty, wondering how it can achieve three Michelin stars and when the last time it washed was, same as its owner.

  3. Darrel Wild

    Ian is that stoner friend, that when everyone is super high, says some off the wall crap. Everyone goes WTF are you talking about??

  4. Richard Cheek

    We as a sentient species evolved after billions of years of life on Earth. Why should we assume we are the leading edge of sentient evolution instead of smack dab in the middle of the evolutionary bell curve?
    Lets assume we are in the leading edge of a two standard deviation from the ‘norm’ for sentient evolution which would be a very generous assumption. That still leaves 2.2% of potential sentient life developing long BEFORE us. Some of them would have evolved into sentience capable of higher level of thought millions of years before us.
    How far ahead of us would they be in social, technological and science evolution?

  5. D S

    There are 100 billion stars in our galaxy and way more planets, and 100 billion galaxies out there. There’s more than enough to have identical planetary composition to earth or M class planets.

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