Preferred Pronoun Laws Are COMPELLED Speech, No One Can FORCE You To Say Anything you Don’t Want To

Adam and Tim discuss the implications of the ongoing pronoun controversy, including references to recent cases of pronouns causing firings.

1,201 Replies to “Preferred Pronoun Laws Are COMPELLED Speech, No One Can FORCE You To Say Anything you Don’t Want To”

  1. Esdraelon

    You’re missing their point, Tim. They demand that you comply with THEIR REALITY. Eff them and the horse they rode in on.

  2. UrsinRath

    Or we can STOP entertaining these people with psychological problems and actually get them therapy. IT IS A MENTAL ISSUE!

  3. Jeb Atman

    5:35 Tim: “This is a non-offensive, respectful to address everybody without being told what I have to say. I’ve chosen to say it. But, if somebody wants to get offended, that’s too bad, you don’t own the world”

    This could be said of any word, Tim, including he, she, his, hers, these are non-offensive DESCRIPTIVE words. So if a he wants to be called a She, they better do a damn good job of fooling me and then they’ll automatically be called a She. End of story. Forget the non-binary buffoons, they’re literally mentally ill.

  4. Jeb Atman

    If it’s an employee dealing with a customer, just say “You”, would “You” like anything else? No? Good, get the F outta here

  5. Biggiiful

    I will call anyone anything they want based on the person, situation, context. I completely understand why so many in here refuse to do so…I just have a little more sympathy/agreeableness in some situations. Sometimes I will refuse to do it too. If I feel like it’s being forced upon me or it gets into those ridiculous names and I think the person asking is not sincere…but man….Adam is completely missing the ball/point on this one.

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