Portland Democrats Have Surrendered, Agree To Federal Governments Terms To STOP Riots

Portland democrats appear to believe they have won the argument against the federal government, but the DHS has things all their own way. Tim and Adam discuss this and the implications of the riots on normal people.

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2,862 Replies to “Portland Democrats Have Surrendered, Agree To Federal Governments Terms To STOP Riots”

  1. Paul Delorean

    Being from Oregon, it literally hurts to hear the way they pronounce Willamette. It’s pronounced like Will-AM-ette.

  2. Stagger Lee

    Common sense isn’t so common these days. I guess it’s hard to have common sense when rational thought is being attacked and labeled as bigotry though.

  3. kiddiescripterkiller

    No knock… in the videos I have seen is, as soon as the kick the door in they identify themselves as police as they cross the threshold. They do the no knock so they can’t flush the drugs or get their weapons.
    They did one on me… problem was… I saw them coming, I was looking out the door window talking on the phone when I saw 4 unmarked police cars pull up and 8 cops came flying towards the door. I opened the door for them, they said police, told me to get down and “helped” me get there… and kept saying police as they searched the rest of the house, until they cleared every room.

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