Political Rage! Duncan Trussell & Jimmy Talk About Our Broken System!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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1,364 Replies to “Political Rage! Duncan Trussell & Jimmy Talk About Our Broken System!”

  1. Freedom Justice

    They are not forcing us to do anything, we choose it because we want to continue doing the same thing. If there is any message it should be that we do not have to play their game. When enough people realize that then we get real change.

  2. Comedy-Now

    The truth is that there´s no more money, everything was and still is subsidize, to produce a bottle of milk the farmer has to get a subsidy for the cow, and this is no joke… It goes on and on, everything is subsidized health is subsidized the food, transport, and fuel for homes are subsidized and the figures are so enormous that they can´t get any more money from the current system… the Nobel prize economists should tell people this simple truth, but they don´t, the mindset is ” You can´t handle the truth”!.. and now ist too late. One new world order is needed to change the financial system. In the energy, I don´t know if they have the courage or if they want to take the chance to start using Tesla and other types of technology at the same time this new technology is very dangerous as you can see with the destruction of the WTC complex. But In the end, is unavoidable, it can be 2020 or 2030 or whatever but this will be very dark times for humans, so Jimbolino tone down stop yelling, and inform yourself because you are an influencer and that is considered dangerous.. get it?? Imagine if you lived in China India or Russia, or Philipines Indonesia Australia, Imagine that..Thake it easy.

  3. IndigoKing 63

    When did someone shoot a looter ? Who ever said to shoot looters ?
    I like Duncan and Jimmy a lot but no one is just out shooting looter.
    if someone knows something I don’t for the love of God have some proof of that!!!
    Not what someone on the internet said. Send me a link of some proof of that..
    If you guys are just saying shit that someone else said, you’re as bad as the people you rail against.

  4. Bob A

    Trump — Brings peace to the middle east and troop back from Iraq.
    Democrats — Bring terrorism and chants of Death to America to Portland.

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