People Need A Rallying Point To Make Positive Cultural Change

Tim and Adam discuss what could galvanize a silent majority into being a non-silent majority.

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415 Replies to “People Need A Rallying Point To Make Positive Cultural Change”

  1. Some Canine

    The left is correct in that people with power are controlling a big portion of your life. What they’re wrong about is that most of those people that control your life are leftists.

  2. Jojo Crazy Cat

    I am not on Twitter.
    I have a job i work for 13 hours a day.
    I get on youtube late at night to learn stuff.
    And some of it is political videos.
    But i mostly watch videos how to build stuff, fix stuff, or grow a garden.
    YouTube is the best place i have seen that teaches how to do stuff.
    Every time i wanted to know something, somebody has made a video about it.

  3. HavokR505

    scary stuff man. iunno what to do. at what point do reasonable positions such as these become a treat to your life at this point?

    like this is pretty basic fascist/communist bigotry that results in genocide

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