People Are Quickly Adjusting To Their New Overlords, Do People WANT Authoritarianism??

Tim posits an interesting theory: People WANT a strong-man government to take care of them in hard times, no matter how much freedom they have to give up.

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107 Replies to “People Are Quickly Adjusting To Their New Overlords, Do People WANT Authoritarianism??”

  1. Kelly Conroy

    This is what happens when you brainwash people from birth onwards . The media and the Democrats have done just that with the last few generations . Jim Jones would have loved them. They would all drink the koolaid.

  2. Chad Thundercock

    It’s much easier to call the cops from the comfort of your couch than it is to have an honest conversation with your neighbor. Much less courageous, much more common

  3. BaZERGer

    Mabye the police would have less “on their plate”, if they weren’t going around inspecting people’s shopping bags for “non essential items”, as if they’re suppose to police the content people travel witih, rather than the purpose of the journey.

  4. DJ Oliver Bisquit

    When the people fear the government, there is tyranny

    When the government fears it’s people, there is justice

  5. Sonomars Martin

    Snitching and witchhunting sounds awefully alike.
    Give people they power to make a power play to another, and they will take it just for the rush it gives them.
    It’s a power play, and as they feel they are part of something bigger than them, now that their identity is being attacked, not being able to go around with their normal activities, they need to be part of something …

  6. Koraji yo

    Really disappointing. Not really authoritarianism. People simply arn’t intelligent enough to stop a really bad thing from happening. Some people are so dumbfoundly retarded that they think the virus isn’t even real.

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