People Are Acting Like MINDLESS Drones, PROOF That They Are NPCs!! (Its a joke calm down)

Tim’s simulation theory gets the spotlight as the crew highlights what, exactly, is driving people to stockpile such strange items in the face of interesting times.

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1,202 Replies to “People Are Acting Like MINDLESS Drones, PROOF That They Are NPCs!! (Its a joke calm down)”

  1. Zakaria Shalih

    if being human is all about not having ‘superhuman’ capabilities and being anything more powerful than a normal person(from anything other than purely technological external equipments) automatically makes anyone nonhuman, this can make “all that counts as people are cardboard cutouts that anyone can very easily mistakes for a normal human beings” a thing

    worse, this can be justification of “All that Vegans can murder are puny mortals” beliefs

  2. Destro7000

    Tim, I don’t know what this ‘Inner Monologue’ is – as I don’t think I have one. I assume you’re talking about a “voice in your head” – I certainly don’t have that. My thoughts are in Locations. Literally, images of places. 3-dimensional memories of graphical locations are tied to people I know, ideas, concepts, etc.

  3. airic21

    We’re overpopulated with NPCS, matter isnt matter unless observed double slit experiment proved this … Its why they don’t want us in huge groups the NPCS are disappearing without being observed…

  4. Don

    In my opinion the toilet paper situation is mainly due to FOMO. Only a few started to stock up and grab everything. The ‘normal’ shoppers then saw that if they didn’t also grab a bunch at time – they will be SOL.

    It’s human nature. You can’t expect people to be like “oh, I’m sure these people will be rational and only take what they need and leave some for me”

    Especially in this era of narcissism – people only care about themselves. It’s essentially everyone for themselves.

  5. Eathan

    Tradesmen are for the most part sentient in my opinion. You definitely have some NPCs but most have very strong opinions.

  6. Grant Hendley

    I feel like 4chan or a meme may have started the whole “There’s a disease! What do I need? Toilet paper…” or Like normal people who go to Costco maybe once a year buy a lot of things in bulk and other people mistook that for “prepping” for an outbreak. It spread like wildfire.

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