Pentagon Officials LIED To Trump About The Number Of Troops In Afghanistan, THIS Is Why We Need Him

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and guests Jorge Ventura (@VenturaMedia on Twitter, @VenturamediaTV on Instagram) and Jack Murphy (@JackMurphyLive on Twitter, YouTube) discuss the recent story of Pentagon officials who blatantly lied to the Commander-in-Chief about how many troops would be staying in the Middle East.

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516 Replies to “Pentagon Officials LIED To Trump About The Number Of Troops In Afghanistan, THIS Is Why We Need Him”

  1. Canaan

    If Pentagon officials lied to Trump that tells me that we don’t need Trump we need somebody with an anti-war agenda that is way more competent than Trump.

  2. C M

    FREE TRADE is NOT FREE it has a BIG COST and it’s NOT EQUAL and that’s the point! Free trade doesn’t help the workforce when most of the world lives in poverty with poverty wages. If you let free trade occur it will result in a balancing out affect of wages to the point where everybody has nothing.

  3. Mark Todd

    Bidens “BUlLD BACK BETTER” is exactly the same phrase being used by politicians all over Europe. This is a Globalist coup against all sovereign nations.

    Any country enforcing the lockdowns needs to rise up now. Before it’s too late…
    I can’t believe what is happening.

    TRUMP 2020 love from the U.K.!!!

  4. C M

    Global Reset is about ending private property. Non-elected Elites determine by dictate who is eligible to get what and how much. Tyranny of the Technocrats and Establishment. They debased on currency through monetary policy and it happen to Rome and end in the dark ages. Let’s not let history repeat. Enough is enough

  5. C M

    Tim Pool sees the problem but needs to use the word Int’l Globalist Corporations as the one’s pulling the strings of the establishment. Reagan was correct, it’s not left vs. right it’s up vs. down (class). Divisive language is design to split the lower and middle class into fractions so they can better dominate them. This is why Romney likes the left more than Trump.

  6. Increase Gas

    conservatives need to understand the democrats are not your biggest enemy – its the republican party, if your vote ever means anything again it needs to be used to primary everyone of these RINOs first and foremost

  7. Mr101beers

    Be careful trusting any entity with “human rights” or “equality” in the name.

    Many times these are soft terms for “brutal authoritarian”

    If Biden comes for the guns as promised then you can be sure something worse is about to be attempted.

    Michael Flynn. Will Joe pardon himself ?

    Hunters laptop. Will Joe pardon himself ?

    Well son of a b, Ukraine. Will Joe pardon himself ?

    QAnon have spent years examining the Trump attack surface and how it was being exploited. By examining what may appear to be unrelated facts together you can form a clearer opinion when you observe their dynamics side by side. You begin to understand things that are not obvious can be related under certain circumstances.

    The resources are banned from major platforms but still available and actively processing all sources.

    QAnon are not people that want to hurt others. By design the movement is geared to pick up the pieces after the storm and bring trust through forgiveness and help for those suffering.

    The plan doesn’t change BECAUSE facts and feelings are both valid when in a crisis and accurate information determines effective allocation, not some reset race theory pyramid opportunity.

  8. LimticRage

    Treason… We need a public execution

    Hahaha as if who gets elected matters, if it did they wouldn’t let us do it, voting is just a public entertainment in futility, they do whatever they want no matter who is the president…

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