Parents TURN IN Antifa Son To Police For Lighting A Cop Car On Fire During Violent Protests

A young man is seen accompanied by ‘an adult male and an adult female’ who happen to look a LOT like him as he goes to the Pittsburgh police to turn himself in for violently rioting and setting a police car on fire. Tim and Adam discuss low-level terrorism and the interesting idea that Antifa is a lot more white-friendly than they let on.

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3,505 Replies to “Parents TURN IN Antifa Son To Police For Lighting A Cop Car On Fire During Violent Protests”

  1. Robin Kirk

    Tim, I usually agree with most things you say but when you say that kid’s parents are bad, I tend to disagree. Those are good parents with a bad child. As a mom of 4, 3 of my kids grew up to be outstanding citizens with great careers and wonderful children! The one child, now a grown adult, has been in and out of prison, has abandoned her kids, is a drug addict and has no regard for anyone but herself! They were all raised the same…sometimes there’s a bad one. Why this happens, I just don’t know. She had good parents.
    Those parents, I really feel for. They’re heartbroken. They turned him in! That’s a good parent with a bad child.

  2. flameout12345

    I feel bad for those BLM supporters now. They got cheated into bed just to realize there was many different men took your money while telling you that they love you and you doing good. *USED*

  3. trgtdron

    2 questions.
    Did the kid go to college? If he did, I wouldn’t call this his parents fault.. up in the air there.
    Did he graduate high school? Again, if yes, probably not bad parenting, if no, then probably is.
    Saying what you did at the beginning… come on Tim.
    Sheeple or lemmings same drooling attitude and none of what we would call situational awareness.

  4. Richard longmore

    I wonder if the parents know how bad jail is. Could get 10 years. This will be life changing or him. He will understand real quick that the black community in jail hate white kids and if he folks don’t pay for his safety he will be punked out and catch AIDS while in there

  5. robs3321

    The parents did the right thing, which is more than can be said about any of the rioters. If Tim said the parents were bad, then he was 100% wrong.

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