Our World is Changing in Irrevocable Ways: Who Will Win? — Claudio Grass

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Longtime friend Claudio Grass joins me to discuss the global lockdown, its economic impact and the various ways this could all end. Our World is changing in irrevocable ways RIGHT NOW. The question remains, who will win?

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237 Replies to “Our World is Changing in Irrevocable Ways: Who Will Win? — Claudio Grass”

  1. sacred squirrel

    Please do not believe Q. Trump is a man not a god. We can pray for God to lead him, but it all depends on Trump’s heart and soul. Pray for our nation, but don’t believe in a real Super-man to save us. Only 1 Savior.

  2. Robert Graham

    How do you sell/ buy gold when the dealers are non-essential – you can’t so its worthless – back to paper – right. lol.

  3. Mary

    Seize the trillions from those who own the Fed. Shutting down America is a stupid idea. Are all 50 governors in on this scheme? Is everyone in the government an actor? I want to move to an island that is free. A Universal Income will also tell us exactly how we can spend our money. They will take what they want and leave us what they have to, to allow us to work and pay for their extravagant lifestyles. Yes, we will be butchered in one way or another. At that point we will never be safe. True. Nothing new under the sun! I hope ‘the plan’ is true and not there to appease us so we stay quiet.

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