Our Freedoms Are Being STRIPPED Away Because Of The Current Crisis, Where Does It End??

Tim and Adam discuss Dr. Fauci’s ‘immunity cards’ idea, and another day sees another instance of police needlessly attempting to arrest normal people for Doing Normal Things During A Pandemic. The latest case, a man jogging on the beach who is approached by an officer who can’t match his speed, worries us all for the future of our freedoms.

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2,483 Replies to “Our Freedoms Are Being STRIPPED Away Because Of The Current Crisis, Where Does It End??”

  1. BloodfelX

    (24:43) Initial studies, and I emphasise: *initial* studies, have results of Hydroxychloroquine (apologies if I spelt that wrong) being detrimental to health – one study I heard of had a result along the lines of army veterans with coronavirus who took Hydroxychloroquine seemed to die twice as fast as army veterans who didn’t take Hydroxychloroquine.

  2. Robin Fox

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it’s moron cops. Cops in the US don’t really get as much training as police officers in other countries, and they have a reputation for being trigger-happy and overzealous.

  3. Brent Hunter

    The cops aren’t read in on what the high level control freaks are going for. Power corrupts. The problem with big government is that human beings can become addicted to power. It feels good to boss people around ontop of satisfying whatever messed up insecurities these people have. Even well meaning people who want what’s best for you can become control freaks. Trust me, I’m blind. I can’t count how many times I’ve had sighted people try to decide for me because they’re “just trying to help”.

    As someone who supports reduced government and individual freedom, I have become used to the argument that the real threat is high up in government and corporate leadership. I agree, but the reason why we can’t trust powerful people is because power is addictive and has been proven to lead to corruption. This is true with human beings at all levels of authority.

    The cops like power and control just like those at the top of the chain of command, but yes, this is about control. It’s being abused the way any situation that might require more rules is always abused.

    Sometimes, things happen which make it necissary to restrict yourself or even for authorities to put in place temporary rules because of a special circumstance. Every time that happens, the control freaks try to reason their way in to controling everything. You’ll notice this the most when things that the government were trying to control are being included in Corona Virus restrictions. I honestly think the powers that be know the revolution that would happen if they tried it, but if it weren’t for that, you would see this being used to take guns from people.

    It will definitly be used to go after those weirdoes who don’t trust vaccines, so consequently, it will progress to more restrictive measures affecting home schoolers and very religious people.

    At the same time, if leadership in a particular area is more conservative, and leans specificly more toward moral conservatism, this might be used to keep bars from opening back up. Maybe before, closing time was 3 a.m., but now, because of some flimsy rationalization, even when the bars can re-open, they can only serve drinks until midnight. Maybe it’s a measure to reduce how long people are out in the community or something, maybe it’s the idea that late night partiers are less responsible and less likely to maintain social distancing. It’s the same thing, a temporary situation being abused to simply take more control of citizens.

  4. TUCK - Hidden Values

    Sweet children — that “ninja music” is from the Rocky movies. Are you SURE you’re in Philly? 😉 ‘Cuz I’m gonna need to see another kind of card….

  5. Jesse Tate

    It’s really simple. Get Fatboy out of range of camera, check the tackle, hip toss because they think they are in control, lock the arm up, keep kicking sand in their face as you drag them into the ocean, dunk a few times, rinse, repeat and promise them that if they come back people will assume they’ve slipped and drowned. No forensics will dispute it. Enjoy your run.

    They want a police state? Get ready to be policed in return. It might sound harsh but how is their job supposed to consume your well-being? If they do not care about their safety they why should I? Why should anyone else?

    It’s like this, you cannot force people under false flag, a mock representation of control; respect everyone or no one will respect you.

    Now go do something about the looting/burglary and leave non criminals alone.

  6. Pro Toss - #ExposeBillGates

    It will end …for you… either whey you are dead, or when they are. As not for you… cultist do this for some time, and fallen and demons almost from beginning.
    Just hopless… how ADULT people can trust secret organisations, govern’mind …people that say they create “laws” writing whatever on piece of paper giving other people right to kill you like you are their property or slave – that you are with this mentality. Common, govern’mind = someone give themselves right to kill you if you don’t fallow, and take money from your work for your protection, you know what’s that called? MAFIA…they are the worst most corrupt degenerate pedophile cult cannibalistic parasitic pests, same as catholic priests acting all holy above you sinner while fucking children. Actualy many of them are not even human, but primary psychopaths who feel no shame, remorse pity empathy or love …FELL NO LOVE = NOT able to comprehend HUMAN existence. World is a test will you cut through and recognize countefeits, and not become one yourself.

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