Open Letter DECRIES Cancel Culture, Gets Vox Writer Cancelled IMMEDIATELY

Tim shares the strange, worrying story of Matthew Yglesias, a Vox contributor who had the audacity to give his signature to an open letter from Harper’s Magazine speaking against the creeping toxicity of cancel culture and was immediately cancelled by his coworker and his boss for this bold move.

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798 Replies to “Open Letter DECRIES Cancel Culture, Gets Vox Writer Cancelled IMMEDIATELY”

  1. Tom Jones

    Another thing, anyone who uses a picture wearing a mask as Matthew Yglecias does in his Twitter profile cares only about virtue signaling. I couldn’t care less what any of these people say.

  2. Tom Jones

    Tim, please distinguish your words to reflect reality. “The cops aren’t doing anything” against rioters is something Snopes would say was “True.”. In fact, the mayor’s and people in charge of these cities refuse to let the cops defend citizens and businesses. The cops very much want to keep peace and defend all rights. They are NOT ALLOWED to do so by those in charge.

  3. AJ Jamaal

    You folks don’t seem to know how free speech works. It’s a two way street. You have the freedom to say whatever you please. The rest of us have to freedom to boycott, protest, and yes in some cases cancel folks. Free speech is not always words, sometimes it’s action.

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