One THIRD Of Renters Didn’t Pay In April, Is This A Justified Response To Hardship??

Many renters did not pay rent in April, and Tim and Adam want to know if it is because they faced hardship, or because they saw their opportunity to take revenge on ‘the man’.

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1,654 Replies to “One THIRD Of Renters Didn’t Pay In April, Is This A Justified Response To Hardship??”

  1. landsolo

    FREE HOUSING IN SEATTLE EVERYBODY!!! The Seattle City Council recently banned evictions for a minimum of 6 months after their current moratorium expires June 4th.

  2. Cid Lunius

    “What do you want to be when you grow up… Happy”

    *Wrong Answer*

    Responsible and Self-sufficient.

    Why? Because happy is the only thing the people that don’t want to gain their two years of job experience flipping burgers and cleaning floors are. Happy, Proud and broke.

  3. 43dno

    Throw this nonsense at me when the unemployment is not at historical highs. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk and other multi billionaires and corporations have all been bailed out including the over bloated banks and investment banks. How dare the riff raff, many of whom are working everyday during this so called pandemic, have the temerity to stand on their hind legs and shake their fists at their masters. The rents in LA are astronomically high and the owners are most often not residents of this country and are absent and higher firms to manage property they own. So the LA gets shut down by the Mayor and business that employed these businesses no longer have an income. So it is the fault of the unemployed? Go peddle your fish.

  4. John Willsea

    Thanks for the video, just so you know every video you have with a caption involving the word Democrat isn’t being suggested anymore I had to look on your videos watched to find this. Thought you should know have a wonderful day.

  5. uncreativename

    This is peak cuckservatism. People lose their jobs because of government enforced lockdown and then blame workers for not being able to pay rent.

    Also with unemployment as high as it is, who’s going to move into the apartments of people who get evicted? Being moderate/conservative/right wing doesn’t just mean being a bootlicker.

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