New Leftist RELIGION Had Seeds In 2018 Evergreen State College Debacle

Tim and Adam discuss what, exactly, happened at Evergreen State College in Washington in 2018 and what those clues tell us about what has evolved and is still happening in the religion that is leftism today, and Adam hints at a possible solution to the crazy, strange new religiosity – a college professor who has recently returned to the scene.

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1,127 Replies to “New Leftist RELIGION Had Seeds In 2018 Evergreen State College Debacle”

  1. James LaGasse

    Russia, China, Cuba and even North Korea survive today and have an increase in standard of living (N, Korea only has less people dying of starvation) only because they allow capitalism in varying degrees. Despite this fact the far left still condemns capitalism as the evil monster that destroys and enslaves people. There are fewer people per capita today living in extreme poverty than anytime in history. At 67 years old I have heard dozens upon dozens of doomsday predictions of our world ending as we know it. From running out of oil or oil shortages, new ice age, unprecedented heat, water shortages, food shortages resulting in world wide famine and the wars these problems would cause and yet here we are. It is free enterprise and market economies that have solved these problems, not Marxism.

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