New Documents Directly Implicate Biden In Obamagate Scandal, Biden SLAMMED For Abuse Of Spying Power

New Documents Directly Implicate Biden In Obamagate Scandal, Biden SLAMMED For Abuse Of Spying Power. A new list of Obama officials who requested unmasking of Michael Flynn has directly implicated joe Biden in the #obamagate scandal

On the same day that the Washington post published the name of Michael Flynn in reference to a phone call with a Russian Ambassador Joe Biden had made a request for unmasking

More strangely still Biden had previously denied any knowledge of the investigation into Flynn but was forced to walk back after being pressed over his meeting with Obama.

Obamagate is starting to come into view and it seems that the Obama administration was trying to sabotage the Trump administration

A day after the FBI sought to close its investigation into Flynn Obama held a meeting with Biden and others pertaining to the Logan act and Trump’s people. On January 24th we saw notes from the FBI showing they sought to get Flynn fired.

Clearly not a law enforcement matter

Democrats are now downplaying the severity while many Republicans sit on their hands. Rand Paul however took Biden to task over the targeting of a political rival.


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100 Replies to “New Documents Directly Implicate Biden In Obamagate Scandal, Biden SLAMMED For Abuse Of Spying Power”

  1. ferdinand the bull

    in US politics this is a common maneuver no matter where you are in the chain of things, you don’t even need “leverage” on a direct opponent, sometimes leverage will be enough using a supporter of a direct opponent, the more dirt you have in your pocket going into any office will improve your chances of success

  2. Sally Damage

    After 3 years of total failed attempts to get Trump ousted, has anyone asked themselves what are the Democrats hiding? Why is it what I read/listen on certain podcasts and YT, it is TOTALLY different from what my adult kids hear from CNN, MSNBC, etc.?

  3. chemykl

    Not a fan of the dems but I am even less of a fan of pretending that making sure Russia was not subverting American politicians was somehow uncalled for, also not a fan of all the “creative manipulations” of truth going on from both sides…

  4. TimmayFilms

    Peter Strzok is a CIA Officer, who was deeply embedded into the FBI. He was Brennan’s tool for FBI manipulation (not that they needed much of that to commit several crimes, “dirty-up” several patsies, & then drag-out “due-process” until attorney’s fees bankrupted them; typically forcing voluntary “guilty-pleas). Strzok is the key co-conspirator in the middle of every part of Obamagate.

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