New Challenges to China in the South China Sea | China Uncensored

The Trump administration continues to challenge #China’s territorial claims in the South China with freedom of navigation operations—this time off the Mischief Reef in the Spratly Island. And now US allies are joining the US, including Britain’s Royal Navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth. A lot of trade money and oil goes through the disputed waters of the South China and Chinese leader Xi Jinping wants to make sure that belongs to the Chinese economy.

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741 Replies to “New Challenges to China in the South China Sea | China Uncensored”

  1. borntobeking85

    There is no such thing as South China Sea. That sea was share by many countries and in China history they never has anything to do with the sea. In the history, Vietnam win a war against China by boat. China doesn’t have any part of the sea. Their power are growing and tries to bully smaller nations.

  2. Criselda Aguirre

    West Philippine Sea is the owner of South China Sea which was awarded by Hague Tribunal decision July 2016.

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