519 Replies to “My Thoughts On Current Con Theories”

  1. Jessica Sammons

    Exactly they do not need us to stay home for the operations that may or may not be happening to come to fruition!

  2. Jessica Sammons

    The people who are saving the children have nothing to do with us going back to work!! We need to go back to work. One was used for the other but it doesn’t mean we need to still stay home they are totally misreading messages if that is what they think!!!! That is a dirty trick they are playing making people believe that though.

  3. Jan Olinyk

    Now you tell me. I told someone that—about the kids—and you’re right. It doesn’t make sense. Guess I’ll stick to you for facts in the future. Thx.

  4. judy Doolittle

    BCP Can you explain what is QANON and what president Trump said CALM BEFORE THE STORM. I could not understand???.? any of it.


    Much ado and talk…we can’t afford to let child killers, child rapists, or evil secret society members to run free. The cancer must be 100% cured/removed or it can and will return.

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