Morgues In NY Are Starting To OVERFLOW, Could There Be ANY Upside To This Dark Time??

Tim and Adam start on a somber note and begin to look for silver linings in the crazy storm of current events.

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100 Replies to “Morgues In NY Are Starting To OVERFLOW, Could There Be ANY Upside To This Dark Time??”

  1. Janet White

    The paranoid quotation is WAY older than Cobain.
    Oh, and i realize that this is a month old, but the death rate as of Apr 25th is .016. Ninety-eight ppl out of 100 RECOVER.

  2. Agent J

    Three weeks later, it’s all empty…so, how’d that happen…did it occur or manufactured for an agenda?
    That’s what journalists used to find out.

  3. vonkäuen Theforbidden

    If we turn the economy back on, it will still collapse big time. If you think 2-3 million lives lost in a matter of months, social panic, possible riots, etc. won’t collapse the economy, you don’t understand economics.

    I do want to watch the world burn, though. Our world is rotten. We’re hugely full of bull. And it’s time to clean house. It must burn to the ground before something new can be born, something better.

  4. TheMad Piper

    Cant they store all the bodies in the same warehouses where they keep all the unused medical supplies that was sent to them or are they out if room there?

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