MORE Lockdowns Are On The Way, But People Around The World ARE NOT OK With Them

TIm, Ian, Lydia, and guest Ryan Long (@Ryan Long on YouTube, @RyanLongComedy on Twitter) sit down to laugh their way through the fall of the republic as more lockdowns are imposed all throughout the world and Europe goes off like a firecracker.

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858 Replies to “MORE Lockdowns Are On The Way, But People Around The World ARE NOT OK With Them”

  1. Ray Matthew

    The whole point of the lockdowns is to make the people of the whole world demand a vaccine so life can get back to normal. That vaccine will contain a pinhead sized microchip and an enzyme named Luciferase by Bill Gates that glows under ultra-violet light (with a vanity patent number that ends with the numbers 06-06-06). You won’t be able to go into a shop or supermarket if you don’t have the vaccine/chip and they will know you have it because of they will put your hand (where they vaccinate you) under an ultraviolet light. If they see the glow, you go. If they don’t, you don’t. This is the Mark of the Beast, or at least one attempt at it. By the way, Bill Gates is a Satanist. His wife can be seen in pictures with an upside-down cross, too. Look it up. Don’t buy’s explanation, which is that it’s too fuzzy of a picture. Do your own research. Look under photos on Bing or Google and you will see for yourself. There is even photos that show it close up, where it is obvious it is an upside down cross.

  2. Joe Bliz

    In Canada, Manitoba specifically they are coming down hard on the Mennonite community because they can. Mennonite people are pacifists.

  3. never trumper

    Why is it that the people who refuse to wear masks are the first to complain about lockdowns. Talk about a flawed gene pool.

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