Modern China Looks Like WWII Germany, Horrifying Video Shows BAD Things Are Ongoing

Continuing events in China need a focus, and Tim and Adam are ready to give it, inspired by UK presenter, activist, and counter-extremism think-tank founder Maajid Nawaz (on YouTube and Twitter @MaajidNawaz).

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4,903 Replies to “Modern China Looks Like WWII Germany, Horrifying Video Shows BAD Things Are Ongoing”

  1. YoshDog515

    Super glad to see you guys covering the Uighur genocide in China. Glad that Americans and the world are finally talking about this and brining attention to this

  2. Denise Madison

    Years ago, there was a western journalist who took a trip there among them in their areas and discussed this crap. It has been going on for years and years.

  3. Free2016

    I’ve known about this for a long time and have asked several times why it isn’t being covered by the MSM. I even sent the news desk at several national news networks a note and received no response. There’s so much going on in the world that we aren’t being told because the MSM is obsessed with Trump and think the entire world revolves around what they want. They are completely worthless for anything other than telling lies about whoever they have on their radar each day and it’s complete BS. Glad you’re finally talking about it. We don’t need to go to war with China – we just need to ban their goods here in the US. Our disgusting desire for crap just fills their bank accounts so they can continue to commit human right violations.

  4. João Tava

    LeBron James loves China and all they are about as long as they help make him a billionaire. Also Apple, google, twitter, TikTok all of them

  5. Fooks Lee Ho

    Some reporters you are a decade late our own state department during Obama’s term were screaming about members of Falun Gung being put into camps in China and that rich Chinese could secure any organ from theses Muslims in as little as 2 days. Chinese cops who have worked at these places have given interviews stating that Muslims are held down as organs were taken from them. But nothing was done then and nothing will be done now no one wants a war but if there is to be one it will start in south China seas China has already fired on other nations Taiwan is one of them who lay claim to just a few of the thousands of tiny islands in south China seas and have bin shot at by China

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