102 Replies to “Millennial Men Are PATHETIC, What Has Gone Wrong??”

  1. Chimera Black

    It seems like both sexes are losers today. Maybe I’m just getting old, but god the millennial generation sucks compared to gen x.

  2. OldSalt

    50/50 male to female in teaching would ACTUALLY be a positive thing for our kids education. But we’ll never hear a push for that.

  3. JinzoCrash

    I remembered, as a kid in the 80s, noticing EVERY Primetime sitcom HAD to have “the hunting episode”, where the dads / sons in it either had to A. Cry B. Have a scary gun accident. C. Get shot. Even as a KID I called out the BS, indoctrinating pattern.

  4. Janet Gates

    I am a lady and I think Men are awesome and i am sick of people saying there is toxic masculinity. There is no such thing. These people saying that are assholes!

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