Michael Flynn WORRIED About China And Was PERSECUTED For It, Russia IMMEDIATELY Gets Hacking Blame


Tim, Lydia, and Luke join Chris and Shelly from China Uncensored to discuss the warring narratives between China and Russia in the US.

Guests: China Uncensored – @China Uncensored, @America Uncovered on YouTube
@ChinaUncensored, @ShellyZhang on Twitter
China Unscripted podcast

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363 Replies to “Michael Flynn WORRIED About China And Was PERSECUTED For It, Russia IMMEDIATELY Gets Hacking Blame”

  1. Madera Woodworking

    Thank you for reminding everyone of the ties from China to northern Italy factories. I lot of these residents went home to wuhan province for the lunar new year then came back to northern Italy. This fact has been “cleansed” by the media. China is responsible for seeding this virus which was terrifying at first but now has a 99.9% survival rate for people under 70.

    Unfortunately, the great reset globalists have taken a survivable uncontrollable virus (hint no virus can be controlled) and turned the world population into hypersensitive hypochondriacs who are accepting the destruction of the world economy as China grows richer and stronger.

  2. Paula Laflamme

    Russia…….why I say Adam Schiff and his ilk are China’s “useful tools”. The US obsession with russia and Pooty-bashing is a great gift to China. It drives Russia into China’s welcoming arms. Russia has the natural resources and advanced weapons that China lacks.

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