MeToo Movement EXPOSED As A Political Sham, Rose McGowan SHREDS Alyssa Milano Over Hypocrisy

The gossip gets juicy when Alyssa Milano takes it upon herself to defend her love for creepy Joe Biden, a decision that flies in the face of her supposedly-loved principles related to the MeToo movement, and her compatriot Rose McGowan has some choice words for this decision.

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2,758 Replies to “MeToo Movement EXPOSED As A Political Sham, Rose McGowan SHREDS Alyssa Milano Over Hypocrisy”

  1. Stephen Howe

    Biden: “turn the word into a noun” : A douche, sleazeball, slimeball, gross, vile, corrupt, charlatan, something you would not want sticking to the sole of your shoe.

  2. Jay from the redneck riviera

    This just in tim will not marry his pizza there fir tim hates pizza is the media analogie you wanted

  3. Jay from the redneck riviera

    I really wish celebrities would stop trying to be moral and become activists and focus on what they are famous for.

  4. Bobby Jolene

    I like your channels and watch most of your content Tim but if you keep mispronouncing McGowan I’m gonna have to deny your existence.

  5. cronoschild

    These activists, there is no point in arguing with them, because THEY ALREADY KNOW THEY ARE WRONG, they cheat and they know it, but they will not admit it because they are afraid of the consecuences of being wrong and think that if they can convince the right people that they are not wrong everything will be alright for them.

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