Media’s RELENTLESS Disinformation Campaign Will Guarantee Trump VICTORY In November

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1,139 Replies to “Media’s RELENTLESS Disinformation Campaign Will Guarantee Trump VICTORY In November”

  1. Ted Thompson

    Theres Bernie supporters who are going to vote Trump, out of spite, they’re pissed, not just at the dnc, but Bernie as well, they think he’s a whimp and Biden is a joke. And the ppl they’re pissed at Trump harasses on the daily. We found common ground in that, I’m so not a Bernie bro, but I voted for Trump to send a giant middle finger to DC, and he continues to deliver. Trump is one dude, they hate, literally hate all of us who support him.

  2. Lanko

    I don’t think, if there is a grand conspiracy plot, it is the USA. It would be the global bankers. Check what countries don’t have a global bank. Then check jeckyls island and what the Rockefeller’s and Rothschilds have said about controlling the money supply. 🤷‍♂️

    • Lanko

      I think all of our presidents since JFK have all talked the NWO talk. Especially the Bush’s. I’m a conservative but I can’t stand the Bushes.

  3. Chimp Alert

    At the risk of this being an Ad Hominem Attack, I have to say that anyone should be able to tell, just by looking at her, that there is something wrong with Rachel Maddow’s brain

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