Media Uses Bait And Switch CONSTANTLY To Try To Win Points On The Bad Orange Man

Tim and Adam discuss how the media plays Trump and spins the narrative to win the moment, to the detriment of the whole country.

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630 Replies to “Media Uses Bait And Switch CONSTANTLY To Try To Win Points On The Bad Orange Man”

  1. Chris L

    Thats what gangs do. They hit the funerals of the victims to get the rest of the opposing gang if they are dumbenough to go. Well know strategy in the 90’s.

  2. Dustin Gunderman

    The mask debate is the perfect showing of how Americans dont care about freedom anymore. If we can’t understand the state doesn’t have that mandate we don’t have freedom as Americans understood it before.

  3. Charles Badger

    The whole reason the Trump does what he does, DAMNED IF HE DOES AND DAMNED IF HE DOESN’T. Which is kind of ironic. He said he would expose the swamp, but idk if he meant to expose them this way. So far I have found that, they hate Trump so much they don’t care how exposed they are as part of the swamp. Elected officials, journalists and News organizations as well as entertainment media; their hatred of Trump is exposing their affiliation within “the swamp.”

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