Media Smears Michigan Woman Arrested, Charged With Assault For Defending Herself

During an encounter in a Chipotle parking lot, a white woman responded to escalating dialogue by brandishing her legally-owned weapon at a threatening woman who would not allow de-escalation. Tim and Adam discuss the situation and the charges being brought, as well as the framing of the situation.

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3,884 Replies to “Media Smears Michigan Woman Arrested, Charged With Assault For Defending Herself”

  1. Dylan Hamm

    WTF is wrong with this world! Everyone getting arrested now are either defending themselves or just trying to work and provide for their families while you have the people out looting and committing crimes and doing everything you would have previously been arrested for being called heroes of social injustices…… EVERYTHING going on RIGHT NOW are SOCIAL INJUSTICES. What happened to our justice system, noone is judged based on right and wrong but are you complying with the government. This is TYRANNY!!!

  2. JFP 1024

    Lesson to white people: Always have your phones ready to record video or at least audio in your defence. These race baiters and the fake news media are out get you.

  3. James Branscomb

    Nazi Propaganda and Censorship: March 13, 1933 Joseph Goebble is appointed by Adolph Hitler to the Reich Ministry for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda. This agency controls the writing and broadcast of all media as well as public entertainment. TV is called programming for a reason. You are being controlled by the media. The rich controlling the poor.

  4. Corbin Haas

    I just wonder how long it is until the people of this country finally stand up and stop taking this bs, that will be a scary day for a lot of people when they find what happens when you make true americans actually mad, just a reminder we stomped out took out the largest super power in the world the last time we were done taking shit

  5. Nathan C

    Sounds Like a great lawsuit against WaPo, since they clearly didn’t learn from the lawsuit with Covington High kids for framing and defamation.
    Rounds two…

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