Media Is PANICKING As Riots Backfire On Democrats, Fake News Claims Trump WANTED Antifa To Riot

Media Is PANICKING As Riots Backfire On Democrats, Fake News Claims Trump WANTED Antifa To Riot. Now that leftist media has no choice but admits the there have been ongoing violent riots for months their only move is to blame Trump.

Media outlets and journalists are trying to claim that Trump wanted the chaos and conflict so that he could appear to be strong on crime. In reality Trump didn’t even react until the 39th day of rioting in Portland and on top of that Federal law enforcement is not even operating outside their jurisdiction.

Democrats are trapped downstream from culture so they claim its not happening, support the protesters, or even join in like Mayor Ted Wheeler did in Portland.

All this backfires on Democrats who look insane for joining in on the chaos so the only move left for the media is to say “oh yea?? But Trump WANTED this to happen!”

Of course that is a complete lie.


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4,064 Replies to “Media Is PANICKING As Riots Backfire On Democrats, Fake News Claims Trump WANTED Antifa To Riot”

  1. Y Manning

    So I’m kinda confused here u were once an activist in occupy wallstreet but ur denying the reports of individuals being abducted by federal agents

  2. E Nunya

    I think the left needs to listen to the Bernie Bro tapes from Project Veritas. They said they would burn down X Y and Z cities. They are only using the BLM riots as an excuse to do it.

  3. DragonKnightKing

    i love how trump aint even giving money to help rebuild the riot areas they cause the trouble they shouldnt need federal aid when the mayors let the problem happen

  4. censorship bites

    In each city, the affected businesses of all sizes need to be 1) suing the city for failure to act (which may go nowhere), and – more importantly – 2) persuading the rest of the business community to vote out Antifa sympathizers like Wheeler and shills for the far left like the mayor of Portland who “didn’t know” what CHAZ was, and 3) if 1) and 2) fail, relocate to business-friendly places like the Midwest and South.

  5. VandaKai i

    Leftists: Shoot, Murder, Burn, Break Laws, Attack Police, Threaten Americas Downfall, Incite Terrorism, Suck at Debating, Scream Racism, Proclaim all Whites Supremacists, Attack Children, Help Start a Civil War, Burn their cities down and beg the gov pay for it, Mob Mentality, Calling out others for Echochambers, Literally do nothing but live in a Echochamber…, Called out Vets and Police as murderers and cultists….

    Right: *”Bruh”*

  6. Ruth Williams

    More and more I think the real targets of media manipulation are the ordinary public. They are the enemy of Deep State and they need the media to lie for them. Donald Trump was never ‘one of them’ that’s why they’ve been trying to get rid of him for the last 4 years. The corruption here is simply off the charts.

  7. Lee Jones

    The Dems are pissed Trump is protecting federal buildings as they hoped he would clean up their mess so they could turn round and say he’s escalating violence.

  8. Risto Kantonen

    Anything based on dishonesty will fail and collapse. This is due to the following reasons:

    1) Dishonesty produces inconsistencies that conflict with reality. That creates a situation in which a dishonest entity must continue their dishonest behaviour to cover up for the inconsistencies produced by their prior dishonest behaviour.

    2) Inconsistencies can be documented and documented information can be shared and evaluated. The more the documented inconsistencies are shared, the more they will be evaluated. This evaluation will reveal more inconsistencies and the process repeats. Decentralised information sharing systems, mainly the internet and the devices connected to it, accelerate this process. The establishment cannot control these systems no matter how much it tries. Because of this, the establishment has forced itself into a situation in which it has two options:

    – They can either come out and speak out in honesty.
    – Or, they can choose to escalate the production and spread of propaganda, and attempt to censor those that expose their dishonesty.

    Based on the recent and ongoing events, it is evident that the establishment has chosen escalation instead of honesty. This will only accelerate their failure, as evidenced by the accelerating rate at which media is collapsing, and how big tech is walking down the same path. It will take time, but the more people are given access to information and are provided tools of logical evaluation, the establishment’s stranglehold on the populations all over the world will weaken.

  9. Javier Avila

    It’s so strange! I’ve talk to many different people about what is happening. No one fell for the lies the media tells. I think many people no longer listen to the media. The news is everywhere you online. There is live video on what’s happening. No need for the media.

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