MASS Graves Are Being Dug In New York, This Seems Straight Out Of A Dystopian Movie Plotline

It turns out that not only are massive graves being dug (and FILLED) in Hart Island, New York – and possibly by prisoners! – this is so commonplace in NY that de Blasio took it for granted that everyone knew about the mass graves when asked about it previously.

Everyone did not know about it. This is weird.

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  1. Roger Lewis

    I am from New Zealand and knew that this was a lie as soon as I saw it. A few years ago I saw a series of documentaries about New York. Part of it was about disposal of the people who died and weren’t identified or the bodies weren’t claimed and that there was a statutary requirement to hold the bodies for a certain period of time to increase the chances of the body to be identified and claimed. A lot more people would die in the winter and some could be kept in cool storage for up to 3 months and then in early spring they would have a mass burial. It all made perfect sense to me. It also made sense that they may have cleared out more bodies in preparation for what seemed to be an imminent pandemic. The politicians could have made this clear at the time if they had the peoples best interests at heart and weren’t following other political agendas.

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