Man Whose Heart STOPPED For Eleven Minutes Comes Back With Near-Death Story

A recent story out of London of a young man who survived an accident and went through a near-death experience brings up questions about what happens between life and death, and some personal stories about near-misses for Tim and Adam.

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  1. Sevs StHilein

    God morning: The existence of man is in two realms. And they are the spirit of life and death, which are from heaven and earth.
    Everything physical living things that is dead goes back to the earth because that is the original source that they came from.
    When the breath or spirit that sustain the physical departs, it goes back to its original source, heaven or about.
    Most people who have not receive the Spirit of Eternal Life by Christ Jesus will call the Spirit of Life, energy.
    The only way a person can know who they are by Spirit is through Christ Jesus.
    If you desire to know who you are by Spirit, kindly say this simple pray.
    JESUS I am a sinner, forgive me for my sins. Come into my heart. I want you to be my Lord and Savior.
    Thank you for taking away the spirit of death from me.
    By faith I believe that I have received the Spirit of Eternal Life. AMEN.
    The key to salvation is not based on a feeling but believing without doubt.
    The most effective pray of faith is purpose your heart to thank the ” Lord Jesus Christ ” for all things.
    Welcome to the greatest gift of your life “God’s Love”

  2. japem2002

    The same happened to my friend, but he could see his body lying on the bed, and after few minutes he was pulled out of the earth, and he says it was a beautiful experience.

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