Man Defends Himself At Albuquerque Rally, Media BLAMES The Victim

A man involved in a scuffle at an Albuquerque protest who defended himself and then surrendered immediately has stories written about him that are not consistent with the facts visible on video.

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100 Replies to “Man Defends Himself At Albuquerque Rally, Media BLAMES The Victim”

  1. AvatarEnd777

    Now that The Evil of the Left has unmasked itself, it is only because they feel they will win regardless. Now is the time to fight for our way of life. This man is courageous but even William Wallace would not fight the English alone. He needs a militia contingent at his side.

  2. George Funkhouser

    Because that’s what dumb people do they blame others for their actions if the militia was their to protect the statue and a guy sees a chick climbing the statue ya don’t know her intentions she could have been up their to want to test down the monument yea he shouldn’t have grabbed the chick and pushed her off the monument then who knows what would have happened if he didn’t do that would they have still beat him with a skateboard ya don’t know people’s intentions until it’s to late so ya have to really watch your own back around screwed up people like antifa and blm and lefties

  3. Ben Keller

    No you have commies trying to erase history and a man trying to stop them and being beaten before finally defending himself. Just know I only give commies bullets. Come running at me swinging a skateboard and you will meet your maker quickly. I don’t allow people to attack me again, so everyone who does gets two to the chest and one to the head. So you don’t come back.

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