Man Accumulates The World’s COOLEST, Most-Advanced Personal Air Force

While the world has been distracted by more mundane stories, a man in Illinois has been calmly collecting older-model military planes so he can help the US Air Force practice their aerial maneuvers.

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1,089 Replies to “Man Accumulates The World’s COOLEST, Most-Advanced Personal Air Force”

  1. Gry Phyn

    Keep in mind these are obsolete planes. I’m in Canada and people freaked out on the gov buying obsolete planes for our air force. Instead of buying new and modern. These planes are falling apart and aren’t considered reliable for air-forces. It may sound cool to own these planes and yes for a private citizen to own them it is, but it’s like going to an army surplus store and buying obsolete army stuff.

  2. Torb Nymublous

    😂😂how do you even make 33million to buy one?the question isn’t how to make 33million it’s how do you keep it safe from vultures that want what you have so the only safe way to protect it is not to attain it unless you really need it because keeping it secure is is usually more expensive than the item itself

  3. toadman506

    I Know, a couple of Months late, but this Gentleman, along with Draken, and AlphaJet, provide OPFOR training for the US and it’s Allies, they fly a lot of different aircraft to give them the opportunity to provide a lot of variation for DACT (Dissimilar Air Combat Training) for USAF, USN, and USMC, IIRC this gentleman also has a few Aero L-39.s A-4 Skyhawks, and Mirage III fighters as well. Companies like this also provide Non-Typical aircraft to the USN and USAF Test Pilot Schools. A friend of mine does that with his Mig-17, Makes enough from the Navy to house and feed his baby through the airshow circuit every year. One Addendum…there are a Metric Butt-ton of regulations involved in stuff like this. While it IS Possible to own an operational fighter as an Individual There really are Limits. Generally the ONLY US-built Fighters in private hands were Exported to friendly nations, then brought back in after they were surplussed. Some Examples: Collings Foundation, and Dean Cutshall’s F-100Fs, Were originally USAF Birds, then sold to Turkey, and Brought back by a Company called Flight Systems (Tracor) in the 90’s, for the same purpose as the F/A-18’s in your story. The F-104’s you see are generally Ex-Italian or German Air Force. You can also purchase Fighters Made by Other Nations as well, there are a bunch of Migs out there, as well as a few Canadair F-86’s, and F-5s on the market. On the other end there are a LOT of Jet Trainers, Dozens of US and Canadian T-33’s, Aero-Volodchy L-29 Delfin, and L-39 Albatross examples out there ranging in price from around $100K up to around $1 Million. It’s not even the Purchase cost, it’s the OPERATIONAL Costs. You can find Lockheed T-33 trainers fro around $100-$200K NOT a crushing purchase price when you look at other aircraft. As an Experimental you can do Maintenance on it yourself..although I wouldnt go messing with a Turbine if you aren’t certificated to do so. The Kicker is FUEL. Jet A is around $5.00/Gal on average..and it takes 825 gallons to fill it.

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