Mail In Voting BACKFIRES On Democrats, Thousands Of Ballots From Young And Minority Voters REJECTED

Mail In Voting BACKFIRES On Democrats, Thousands Of Ballots From Young And Minority Voters REJECTED. Democrats have been demanding mail in voting and now the results are in.

Across the US ballots are being rejected and uncounted. Many of the ballots are rejected for being filled out incorrectly leaving first time voters, young voters, and minority voters left out.

Republicans have warned of impending chaos and Trump has been very vocal. But the media has kept on screaming that Trump was wrong and it would be fine.

Now Minority voters are outraged and filing lawsuits to get their ballots.


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4,388 Replies to “Mail In Voting BACKFIRES On Democrats, Thousands Of Ballots From Young And Minority Voters REJECTED”

  1. Kayne not Kanye!

    Who to blame for this I don’t know.
    I do know America your being played like a fiddle. These stories are the primer for a civil war.
    Someone somewhere is going to sit back and watch you guys self destruct this fall.

  2. x10mark2

    as much as i like to see less votes for democrats i would hope they where because of the insanity of their politics and not because the mail man missed an envelope at the bottom of his bag

  3. One Person

    USPS lost my tax payment to the IRS. I paid for delivery confirmation and tracking. 4 days after it was supposed to arrive, the tracking just stopped working, system gave me non-specific word salad. Here it is 11 days later, USPS still has no idea where the whopping big check I sent to IRS is. I called the IRS and waited on hold for over half an hour to find out IRS did get the check, but the postal service failed to track it. If USPS cant reliably handle an IRS payment, they cant handle an election.

  4. Robert Cartledge

    post office is a government thing, and the government sucks at everything, so of course mail in voting was a bad idea

  5. Grelly_Chan

    Tim: This is gonna affect young Black and Hispanic voters who more often than not vote Democrat
    Me: Well call me a unicorn cause I’m a young Latina conservative from California 😂

  6. V Ben

    Democrats want to send ballots to the illegals, the deaths, the cats, the dogs, and the invisible, so they can cheat our voting system. Vote Trump 2020.

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