Magical BLM Protests PREVENT Covid Spread, Unlike Anti-Lockdown Protests

A new study out of a Colorado college is purported to prove that the BLM protests have actually reduced the spread of illness, unlike those nasty gatherings of free-minded anti-lockdown protesters who wanted to go back to work.

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203 Replies to “Magical BLM Protests PREVENT Covid Spread, Unlike Anti-Lockdown Protests”

  1. Kelly Fleisher

    Lydia is a true gem. I’m gonna sound sexist af here, but we all know it’s true, especially Lydia: critical thinking, individualism, and well rounded intelligence is so rare in young women these days it’s exhausting. 99 percent of the younger chicks I talk to are like memes, I know every hollow platitude and lefty bulletpoint that’s gonna come out of their mouth. They are all either super opinionated about things they have no background knowledge on–especially urban or college women–or they are the typical “country” girl who wouldn’t touch any critical thought with a ten foot pole and just want to drink white claw, tan, and marry some wealthy guy. Theres nothing wrong with the country girl attitude, it makes perfect sense. But these suburban, cul de sac university girls are unbearable…
    And Lydia is a breath of fresh air. You found a diamond in the rough, Tim. This isn’t a simp post. It’s just an observation

  2. Obnyr

    If you read the subtext of what they said on your screen, they are actually saying the lockdown protests WEREN’T VIOLENT ENOUGH, thus not accomplishing the good achievements of the other protests.

  3. NessNoel

    Adam is right we are dealing with a mob of petulant children in need of a butt whippin’ and a list of productive tasks to occupy their tiny minds! Not Ridlin, A$$ Whippin’! that is the answer!!

  4. Foxy Spice

    I have been telling. You that the democrats would just keep coming up with a new lies about trump! Till the election! The Russian collusion fails sex scandals failed the Russian thing again failed so now they have Russian bounties doesn’t matter that they can’t prove it depressing report anyway and people are buying it unbelief

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