LIVE IN HONG KONG 5: Protest Update and Evidence of China’s Organ Harvesting

Chris, Shelley, and eventually Matt talk about the latest developments as the #HongKong chief executive rejects calls to step down. Also, the results of a tribunal on China’s alleged organ harvesting. Then we answer fan questions live.

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414 Replies to “LIVE IN HONG KONG 5: Protest Update and Evidence of China’s Organ Harvesting”

  1. Jing Ming Rong

    Thank you for providing information about Falun Gong. Apparently some people I knew believed them to be a cult. The next time I see time, it will be in my leisure to read their message and information with fairness.

  2. Zulma Z

    WAKE UP PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD WE ALL UNDER ATTACK: NEW WORLD ORDER (agenda 21,2030) Every president of United Nations accepting plan and following it otherwide they get killed or don’t get SELECTED NOT ELECTED for position. who wants human organs???? SATANIC CANIBAL PEDOPHILIC GLOBAL ELITE FAMILIES…..God bless us all …stay together n take care of each other WE ALL UNDER ATACK WORLDWIDE……Right United Snakes INC.corporated ooops I ment USA

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