Libertarian Presidential Candidate Tweets Out WOKE Slogan And It Is Not Libertarian At ALL

Tim and Adam discuss what, exactly, is wrong with Jo Jorgensen’s tweet about being anti–racist and conclude that, fundamentally, it is authoritarian and not libertarian.

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3,335 Replies to “Libertarian Presidential Candidate Tweets Out WOKE Slogan And It Is Not Libertarian At ALL”

  1. George Funkhouser

    I will fight for the rights of all man woman and child because God created us all in his image not the image of one race I will vote for who I think best suits our city’s and states I don’t have to vote for libertarians of you don’t suite the position you will not be voted in if your for all races and not just one race you’ll be voted in suck it up buttercup that lady will not be voted in cause we all know know your just for one race and not all races.

  2. Demonic_myst

    facism also relies on two other cires militarism and facist economics which is a very national control economy each buisness reporting to the political leaders and organised centrally

  3. Demonic_myst

    when libertarian candidates virtue signal to literal comunists who would exicute them you know society is messed up

  4. Murali Ram

    This Libertarian Party scandal goes about saying the same with all the political party in the US. Everything is infiltrated by the Left and Commies. But guess which party went through deep cleaning after Donald Trump’s election. The Republican Party. Finally, true Americans taking back power from the useless RINOs and NeverTrumpers under Trump’s banner. And I never knew any differences between conservatives and libertarians? Can your team discuss about it?

  5. Flow Daddy

    You are misunderstanding a key part of the libertarian party we all have different personal beliefs i have more conservative personal beliefs but we all agree that the government shouldn’t enforce the beliefs of the majority on the individual i dont give a shit if jo personally supports blm or not the difference between her and the rest of the candidates is that she does not believe in using government to push a personal agenda she is 20 times better than trump or Biden. JO 2020!!

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