Liberal YouTuber Announces She Is LEAVING The Left Because The Left Has Gone Too Insane

Tim interviews Arielle Scarcella, a popular liberal YouTuber, on what has made her so eager to exit the left-wing movement. Her reasoning is nuanced, but her decision is definite: The extreme slide of the cultural left has made it impossible for creators like her to speak freely.

Arielle’s video about leaving the left:

@Arielle Scarcella on YouTube
@ArielleScarcell on Twitter

2,931 Replies to “Liberal YouTuber Announces She Is LEAVING The Left Because The Left Has Gone Too Insane”

  1. Thu Vo

    Hey Tim, you look good with close up video You do have nice eyes. If I were still single, I couldn’t date a leftist even if he’s good looking. Lol

  2. Margaret Walker

    I’m me, your you, live with it and go on with life. All have a ruff time in this world. Stop making more hurt for all.

  3. James Musslewhite

    I self-identify as not really given a shit. Have a dick I call you sir, have a vagina I call you ma’am. Gays (sir) and lesbians (ma’am) and all the rest of the salad wear a name tag. Because just trying to properly address one respectful, should not be like ordering a beverage at Starbucks… Now if that is worthy of hatred, I already told my self-identification.

  4. Wayne Fisher

    The DemocRATS and their”FAKE NEWS”media partners and the rest of the left are stuck on themselves and don’t care about others. That’s very sad. We could get so much accomplished working together, but the left is too power hungry and treacherous. If the DemocRATS, the FAKE NEWS MEDIA, and the rest of the left will side with China ( who cheats our country, released the Corona Virus on the world, and would love to make slaves of the American people,and make America part of China). Trump/Pence 20/20 MAGA AND KAG 🗽❤️🇺🇸❤️👍🗽❤️🇺🇸❤️👍😀

  5. Me

    Ok I’d like to explain a little bit about myself to start: I’m a 47 year old heterosexual Male/Man. I have friends who are gay men and friends who are lesbian women. Personally I don’t understand the whole “identify as” phrasing. We’re either born a boy, girl, or a hermaphrodite. I’m speaking biologically. Everything that isn’t science related, meaning anatomically, the science of the human body, is relating to the physiological aspects of the human psyche, correct? I’m NOT saying, that how anyone feels/thinks/sees or perceives life as, is wrong because I can’t and wouldn’t ever imply knowing how someone feels or sees anything.
    I’d like to tell Arielle that I enjoyed listening to and watching this video. I’m sure that there are things I think differently about and vice versa, I wanna share this. I learned awhile back- what someone else thinks about me, is NONE OF MY BUSINESS. Think about that…
    Arielle, you should never had voted for Hillary Clinton. A vote for Hillary just like Biden, is a vote for the end of this free country as we know it. We need Trump because he is the only one fighting for the American people

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