Leftists Fantasize About Putting Trump In PRISON After The Election, It’s Not Likely To Happen

Tim and Lydia host guest and fellow YouTube Commentator Jeremy from The Quartering ( @TheQuartering on YouTube, Twitter) talk about whether the ‘resistance’ left will get their dream of sending Trump to prison after the election.

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598 Replies to “Leftists Fantasize About Putting Trump In PRISON After The Election, It’s Not Likely To Happen”

  1. Michael van den Berg

    As a South African, Trevor Noah became an absolute asshole when he stopped doing stand-up and became a far-left mouthpiece. Trevor would actually joke about the white farmers and even try and justify that they somehow deserve having boiling water being poured down their kids throats whist being forced to watch by blaming their white skin. It goes against the left’s narrative to report on this and NOT A SINGLE MAINSTREAM NEWS/MEDIA platform reports on this.

  2. Rash Stat

    My dad voted for Biden, he only watches msm media like CNN, MSNBC, and only pays attention to fox when they get something wrong.

  3. Michael Edgeman

    creepy joe has the most votes from the dead. And the most votes from the brain dead…
    If satan ran dems would vote for him just because of the D next to hus name


    We had 4 years of no wars, peace in the middle east, great economy, great job numbers, fuel independence, our enemies learned to fear us again, multiple Nobel Peace nominations, government spending was being taken care of get reid of what we don’t need….. And for some reason we have so many stupid people that have no clue about any of that.

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