Leftist Journalist Admits Wokeness Is Just About Money And Clicks, Media Companies Purging Far Left

Leftist Journalist Admits Wokeness Is Just About Money And Clicks, Media Companies Purging Far Left. Amid the ongoing civil war in media between investors and woke journalists something amazing was published. A Former employee of a political sports website, Deadspin, admitted that the story here is not about idealistic journalists sticking to their integrity but in fact a staff that knows far left, woke, and social justice politics get more clicks than sports stories do.

One would probably like to know, why does a sports website write about Trump, the Democrats, and social justice issues anyway? Well now we have our answer.

Great Hill Partners bought the Gizmodo Media Group, which used to be led by Gawker. They now want the sports outlet Deadspin to “stick to sports” but the staff is convinced that woke outrage politics generates more traffic, and they are probably right.

But in the long term we are seeing these companies collapse. perhaps the wokeness is a short term gain heading for a long term loss. Clicks and traffic is not an audience, its ragebait. A Company needs paying subscribers to continue existing and it seems the staff don’t realize it. All they know is that politics plays better than sports.

But if media companies wanted political content they could just launch a political website. Why have 7 political websites when you can just have one?


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  1. Ashigeru47

    Univision is a racist corporation that promotes anti-white racism. They are supported by the woke leftists on both sides of the border…

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