Left-Wing Professor Gives His Answer To The Question, Will There Be A Civil War??

Professor Robert Kuttner gives his very progressive opinion on whether the US will have a civil war. Spoiler alert: He agrees, but his reasons do not mirror Tim’s.

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  1. TimmayFilms

    I can say that at least, some of the Millennials’ negative influence, stems all the way back to the Depression era offspring of the 30’s, running like a thread up through their offspring, primarily born from 1957-1970. The Boomers were the 1945-1956 offspring, born from the “roaring twenties” off-spring (flappers & hippies, Bathtub Gin & marijuana, jazz & Rock (fun-fact: alcohol legalized in 1933; marijuana outlawed in 1933). Parents born 1917-1930 Post WWI, and children born 1945-1956 Post WW-II, respectively (any resemblance?). 1956 puts you at 13-yrs old, hitting high school during a pandemic, the height of the Vietnam War and “three days of Peace, Love and music”, at Woodstock. The awareness cut-off was right there because parents could easily remove the outside world from children, still in middle-school and below; which they did. I was there in both worlds; with kids my age, 1960+, (with parents born into the depression @ 1933 & 1936). and my best friend’s older sisters, born in 1953 and 1957. Anyways, the oldest sister was an actual tie-dyed hippie, educated, and politically world-savvy. She was very upbeat, astute and knowledgeable, especially of the historical underlying, financial influences and their global social-engineering “experiments., from about 1900 forward (open-minded parental influence). Unfortunately, many of her peers, down at the demonstration, knew a scintilla of what she did. They are the Nancy Pelosies and Chuck Schumers of today. Had she not “baby-sat” taking my friend and me to sit-ins, hang-outs, Happenings, etc., I would be as blind as my siblings and other friends, currently running the government with no anchor of positive influence, to any particular cause or event. Lots of negative ones, surrounding politicized deaths, but no Woodstock, no VE-VJ days, etc. My parents generation had a mantra that I heard often: “Rule #1 you don’t discuss politics or religion in public.” That was passed down from their parents, most of whom were immigrants and/or the off-spring of the dirt-poor born around the turn of the century. Immigrants were especially woeful of being heard and fired from their jobs; no welfare nor housing for the poor back in their days. Job loss could be a death sentence, especially for Irish & Italian Catholics, who came over in huge numbers. In essence, we have an historically driven pendulum swinging in ten to twelve year time blocks; not twenty. Millennials come primarily from my generation; I being 40-yrs old in 2000, with Millennials @ 20-21-yrs. Millennials came from parents with weak/ignorant political views; other than the other mantra: “Rule #2 Democrats are for the little guy and Republicans are for big-business. Now let’s not discuss this in public. Remember Rule #1.” heck, if I didn’t have the extracurricular activities of a child hippie, I’d probably be guilty of setting the influence of complaint into my offspring as well. I’d probably still vote Democrat (well up to the last election anyway) , and barely know the why of anything; with CNN on the brain. Even today, I have a hard time communicating with those in my generation because of the ignorance gap, and from the deeply embedded Rules #1& #2.

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