Leaked Documents PROVE Pentagon Lied About “Exotic” Technology And UFOs, Are Aliens Real??!

Newly-leaked documents show that the Department of Defense had data that contradicts the publicly-acceptable narrative regarding UFOs. Tim and Adam get into the theories surrounding UFO sightings and the ways the government keeps tabs on possible alien activity.

101 Replies to “Leaked Documents PROVE Pentagon Lied About “Exotic” Technology And UFOs, Are Aliens Real??!”

  1. The Iron Grind

    Eisenhower didn’t “warn” of the military industrial complex, and he never even said it with a negative connotation. He coined the term to reference the private industry that supplies the military and as a result has connections to Congress. He actually used his connections in military contractor companies to help pressure Congress into approving NASA.

  2. Alverik Luna

    Ummm, I think governments do have one advantage over the private sector: Time. If you’ve been researching something longer than anyone else you might still have an edge. Plus who’s to say the government doesn’t hire scientist from the private sector too.

  3. Jillian Crawford

    Aliens would be awesome, but I know better than to get my hopes up.
    It’s probably military technology that is kept under such tight wraps that only a handful of people know anything about them. Haven’t a lot of UFO’s found around Area 51 ended up being military technology and aircraft and not something from outer space? If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong. I might be wrong, but like I said, I know better than to get my hopes up that it’s the cooler option.

  4. Ted Eng

    In answer to your injury question… This is an example of a reported injury. It doesn’t seem as common as it once was, but many UFO witnesses seemed to have been blasted by intense UV radiation. Sometimes referred to as “UFO Burn.” If you are familiar with the film, “Close Encounters…” it is apparent on the face of the character Roy Neary. When he returns home, one side of his face appears sunburned (from looking up at the UFO from inside his truck). Some even had eye problems similar to snow blindness, had trouble seeing for a period of time, had to visit the doctor, etc.

  5. Jack Hack

    No money was missing from the pentagon. They said 21 trillion dollars in TRANSACTIONS could not be traced. It could be the same billion dollars back and forth over and over. These were accounting errors. aoc already showed her stupidity commenting on this. Look it up.

  6. Jack Hack

    Why would aliens come here? To invite us into some intergalactic UN? Why would they, we don’t have the tech to fly around the galaxy. They don’t need us, unless it’s for food or resources.

  7. Shane Longest

    Their is no exotic technology created on Earth. It’s not possible because theoretical materials to produce such things are not found on Earth.

    So yes it alien

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