Krystal Ball is CORRECT About The Left’s Response To #ForceTheVote

Force The Vote! We demand that every progressive in Congress refuse to vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House until she publicly pledges to bring Medicare for all to the floor of the House for a vote in January:

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1,674 Replies to “Krystal Ball is CORRECT About The Left’s Response To #ForceTheVote”

  1. Ryan Davies

    The NHS was formed in 1947 also a huge social housing program. All the was done on a bankrupt country. We the uk were bankrupted by WW2 if we could do that then, America could do it no problem if it wanted to.

  2. tom htun

    13:33 to 14:10 Well, Jimmy. There IS something “WRONG” with it. Popularity of alternative media.

    You’re eating into my 30K a day MSNBC salaried programming and viewership.

    AND, You start to erode the whole grifter-driven, Wall-St mega-donor-class driven national politics of established parties.

  3. Thomas Jefferson

    In Europe we’ve the same problem. The MSM hates that they are getting less and less important and that’s the reason why they are the main supporters to “sanitize” the web. In Germany they implemented an internet law Netzdg, about 5 years a go, were the state had this “brilliant” idea to tackle the non-official news outlets and sites that spread fake news and hate speech by implementing a so called “independent”, “neutral” and “objective” institute that factchecks what’s hate speech and what’s fake news, with the abillity to give the state “evidence” to give these sites fines and if necessary ban them. The EU started to implement this law in 2017 (same for france and belgium, maybe others as well), supported by huge lobby groups mainly MSM and investors with a stake in these MSM outlets. There was a huge reaction in some countries because many people saw there were obvious problems with this, just call it orwellian, creating a ministry of ‘truth’ … Germany is a great nation were it comes with engineering and delivering phenomenal products but they are horrible selling these dogmatic ideas, nazism, communism, romanticism, stasi, all “brilliant” ideas from germany.
    On top, one of the main supporters to implement this institute is Der Spiegel, a huge MSM newsoutlet, the same Der Spiegel who’s top journalist, Claas Relotius, was caught “selling” fake stories all “factchecked” by Der Spiegels’ famous factchecking department.
    Look it up, Claas Relotius, Netzdg, EU internetlaws, they are coming directly from George Orwell’s mind

  4. E Dixon

    Jimmy mentioned the formation of the NHS in the UK after WW2.

    Britain was close to bankrupt after the war.

    Food rationing continued from the end of the war in 1945 to 1955!

    The UK was poor and yet we still managed to create the NHS in 1948.

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