739 Replies to “Kimberly Guilfoyle: President Trump has been the most transformative and impactful president”

  1. N.A R

    I was not convinced enough on what president Trump was talking about the lefts, their slogans, agendas and propagandas. Starting massive censorship, flagging posts, filtering comments, selection of news and ideas to feed to people, Now I have no doubt that He is absolutely right. These guys are all socialists.

  2. The All-American Socialist

    You all cheated and still lost. Now you’re trying to topple the republic through a coup. YOU AND ALL COLLABORATORS must be ARRESTED.

  3. Timmay'

    Good luck to the actual insurrection dope’s. Dumbed down for so long they don’t know what is and has gone on. What’s correct and in correct. Up or down. Their IQ probably was not high to begin with. Their actions show it. It’s like watching that movie…Idiocracy…Bro! Trump has moved folks to that point. Common Core is definitely in play and I personally feel nobody can figure out what is to come. America Never Fails. We just argued sometimes in the past. It is now a bit different. Don’t let your Meat Loaf…It might knock the gravy out your biscuit. Trump 2020! It happened. You will see. 🦶🇺🇸👀👀👀👀

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