Kids Playing Viral New Social Media “Challenge” Cause SEIZURE, Send Friend To Hospital

Tim and Adam come the closest they have to disagreeing over what should happen to kids who participated in the so-called “Skullbreaker” viral challenge on TikTok, but they agree on the reasons that trends like this come into prominence.

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1,193 Replies to “Kids Playing Viral New Social Media “Challenge” Cause SEIZURE, Send Friend To Hospital”

  1. Jason Springer

    Tim you don’t automatically go to jail because you get a felony. Actually you almost never do with no criminal record. They’ll get probation

  2. UppityG Livestockian

    Tim, when parents talk about this case with their kids, they’ll say “So do YOU want to go to jail?! You’ll never see us again, you’ll not have video games, you want that?” When the PARENTS use someone else’s punishment as an abject lesson. So yes, it does work, when done right.

  3. Ony

    “…its probably a school of white kids, privilege will shine through…” and the award for dumbest most racist thing I’ve heard today goes to Tim’s buddy, and Tim for agreeing.

  4. ByAnyOtherName091

    When I was a kid we used to try to swallow a spoonfull of powdered cinnamon. Kids these days try to break each other’s heads open. Times have definitely changed.

  5. The_New_IKB 4472

    when I was at school, it was the pass out game, i think that the idea was that you hyperventilate, and then your ‘friend’ hits you across the chest so you pass out from lack of O2.

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