Kayleigh McEnany Press Briefing Is CUT At Most Pivotal Point

President Trump’s always-prepared press secretary was giving an important press briefing and taking questions from reporters when news networks cut her stream as she reached a key point about the impact of recent events and protests on policing. Tim and Adam continue the conversation about negative social ramifications of cultural unheaval.

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1,593 Replies to “Kayleigh McEnany Press Briefing Is CUT At Most Pivotal Point”

  1. Fish Zom

    Surprised the activists didn’t take the killing of that kid, as done by cops.
    Seems the most logical step for them, right? Kid protests cops, found dead = cops killed kid.
    goes perfect for the narrative.

  2. Aaron Price

    I seen somebody make a point that I thought was right on about everybody Thanking all cops are bad because a few of them His point was Are all teachers child molesters because a few of them decided to sleep with their students

  3. Simon Hodge

    So the people calling for this are the same type that require super nanny to come around to their house to explain why their kids are tearing their house up. Pathetic

  4. Rob Allison

    ‘Defund The Police’ is a (failed?) tactic from the dems to be able to reinstate the police after Biden wins and then use it as a proof how much “better” dems are compared to reps. The voters all act like they have alzheimer after an election. :/

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